Troubleshooting Electro – Hydraulic Pumps Is Not As Easy As You Think

In any system, the best thing is to do maintenance before any problem occurs. But once a problem occurs, the logical approach to diagnosing production problems is the way forward for effective maintenance. Trident Hydraulics in UK is the most trust-able manufacturer.

Troubleshooting is the art of gathering evidence and information, form a theory on what could have caused the problem, test the theory, then fix the problem and continuously verify repair.
Here are a few steps for logical approach to troubleshooting.

1. Safety should always be your first priority.

2. Understanding the system

3. Communicating with the operator of the system

4. Testing the system

5. Verifying that the components are properly connected.

6. Comparison of the problem machine with one that is working well.

7. Brainstorming possible reasons of malfunction.

8. Testing the pump electronics

9. Testing the pump mechanically

10. Replacing the suspected problem components

11. Call an expert for help

12. Verify if the system works.