Decorative Ideas – Traditional Home Décor Furnishings

101490780_w_lgA well designed house can look even more elegant with the right selection and use of traditional home decor items. Here are a few classic decor elements a traditional home must have:

  • A statement light fixture – a chandelier or a modern twist to a classic – they both work!
  • Antiques are a win no matter which way you choose to look at it. A well-designed antique is the kind of timeless piece you must own.
  • Ornate picture frames that also belie a certain delicacy are a great way to accessorize!
  • Mirrors are known to make a room seem larger, and what better way to incorporate them than in traditional gilded framing?
  • Tall ceilings and windows call for full length curtains that cover up, but can also be pulled back to let in some precious sunshine.